Christ's Sanctified Holy Church is an association of churches established primarily on the principle that salvation is accomplished by two separate works of the grace of God through faith in Jesus Christ, the Son of God. The first work of grace is forgiveness of the sins that we have committed, which requires full repentance toward God. The second work is the baptism of the Holy Ghost, or sanctification, which is the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, eradicating the nature of sin.

We have provided for you information on our places of worship and contact information should you have any questions. We encourage you to browse our site.

Annual Camp Meeting

Annual Camp Meeting July 17, 2021 - July 24, 2021 at the Camp Ground in Perry, GA.  Everyone is welcome!

“Come In! Come In!” by Bro. Billy Mitchell at Camp Meeting 1971

Bro. Billy (Uncle Billy to many of us) effortlessly takes us through many hallmark scriptures, plainly preaching the Word of God.

A preacher filled with the Spirit will tell it like it is. This he does while giving us pearls of wisdom such as: “If you can’t live it every day, it’s a good sign you ain’t got it.”


Bro. Patrick Collins

CSHC 'Clip of the Week' - “Grow in Grace” by Bro. Gary Collier at Camp Meeting 2008

In this message, Bro. Gary begins with expounding on the growth in the spiritual life after sanctification. Then he really shares the burden of his heart with his congregation about the future of Christ’s Sanctified Holy Church and leaves us with the hopeful scripture, “and the Lord added unto the church daily, such as should be saved.”  It’s a heartfelt message that certainly deserves our attention in 2021.



Bro. Jeff Price

Local Services (click on town name to attend online)


10:00 Leesburg or facebook Sunday School

10:30 Atlanta/Between 

10:30 Charleston or facebook

11:00 Leesburg or facebook

11:00 Raleigh

11:00 West Columbia Sunday School

11:00 Wilmington or facebook

12:00 (11 Central) Jemison

6:00 Greensboro or facebook or youtube

6:30 Atlanta/Between Sunday School

6:30 Charleston or facebook


7:00 Chesapeake or facebook

7:00 Atlanta/Between

7:30 Charleston or facebook

7:30 Leesburg or facebook

7:30 Raleigh

7:30 Wilmington  or facebook


7:30 Chesapeake or facebook

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