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Christ's Sanctified Holy Church is an association of churches established primarily on the principle that salvation is accomplished by two separate works of the grace of God through faith in Jesus Christ, the Son of God. The first work of grace is forgiveness of the sins that we have committed, which requires full repentance toward God. The second work is the baptism of the Holy Ghost, or sanctification, which is the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, eradicating the nature of sin.

We have provided for you information on our beliefs, places of worship, and contact information should you have any questions. We encourage you to browse our site.


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Christ's Sanctified Holy Church
PO Box 1465
Perry, Georgia 31069
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Phone 478-287-1892

Camp Meeting 2019


  • BIBLE SCHOOL - July 22-26

    Christ's Sanctified Holy Church wants to invite your children ages 4-12 to join us for Vacation Bible School at our annual Campmeeting.

    CSHC Church members click below to register for Bible School 2019:

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    Local Visitors use link below to register for Bible School 2019:

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  • CSHC 'Clip of the Week' - "A Safe Landing" by Bro. Floyd Hagan in Camp Meeting 1971

    We are trusting in a great captain - Jesus Christ is piloting our ship, and He will take us safely home. Many notable men and women through history have sailed their own ships, only to come to ruin, but the old Ship of Zion has landed thousands over and she will land a million more. I pray you will be moved by this sermon.


    In love,

    Bro. David Copeland


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